Jamie Kleinman, Ph.D.

Social Skills Training and Autism Specialist

Social Skills Training

Fall 2008 Schedule:

There will be two groups starting Tuesday, September 16th, 2008 and running weekly through November 4th, 2008:

  • 4:00 pm children ages 8-11 years old
  • 5:30 pm children ages 12-14 years old

An additional two groups will be starting in early October 2008 and will be for children ages 14-18 years old.  I will be accepting registrations on an on-going basis, so even if your child/schedule does not fit for one of the current groups, new groups will be forming that might work best for your families needs

How to Register:

  1. Call or email to schedule and initial individual meeting with Dr. Kleinman.
  2. Download and complete registration form.
  3. Bring registration form, deposit, and previous testing reports/IEPS to initial meeting.
  4. Receive group assignment based on best fit with regards to schedule and needs/age of child.

About the Training:

The groups will be led by Jamie Kleinman, Ph.D., who has over 10 years experience working with children on the autism spectrum in recreational, educational, and diagnostic clinic settings.   Prior to the formation of each group, Dr. Kleinman will conduct an interview with each child and their caregivers.  This will allow families to ask questions about the training while also allowing Dr. Kleinman to assess which group the child will be most appropriate for.  As much as possible, Dr. Kleinman will try to create well rounded groups with children of varying ages, personalities, and interests.  

Each weekly session will begin with a discussion on group goals followed by six to eight activities specifically chosen to elicit and teach a different social skill.  Children will work together in pairs or as a group to complete each activity. Dr. Kleinman will work with the children during the tasks to help them with things like perspective-taking and understanding the thoughts and motivations of others.   At the conclusion of the training, caregivers will be given a general information packet which will include activities they can participate in with their child as well as several specific recommendations for their child to further address any areas of weakness.

While the general goals of the group will be the same for every group (increasing social motivation and initiations, improving appropriate social responding, reducing interfering behaviors, and promoting skill generalization) the daily goals will be established on an ongoing basis by Dr. Kleinman based on the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in the group as well as the group’s functioning as a whole. The children will work on skills to promote these behaviors during the group and will all be given weekly homework assignments to complete outside of the group and report back on.  These may include introducing yourself to someone at a public place, inviting a new friend to your house, etc.  At the beginning of each weekly session, there will be time for each child to relate their experience and get feedback from the group. All homework assignments will be individually tailored based on the developmental level of each child.

The sessions will run according to the following general plan:

Weeks 1-2 the group will focus on introductions, getting to know others, and gaining an awareness of behaviors that interfere with meeting new people.  

Weeks 3-4 the group will focus on developing friendships. Activities will include identifying common interests, working through disagreements, and identifying behaviors that others may do that individuals in the group have problems with and ways to deal with those issues.   

Weeks 5-6, the group will focus on making friendships in expanding circles (looking in school, neighborhood, and religious organizations) for peers who have common interests.   In session, the children will role-play different scenarios and practice the social skills necessary to participate fully in different situations.  

Weeks 7-8 the focus will be on generalizing the skills they have learned and integrating the skills into their families. During the last session, the children will plan a social event and they will be encouraged to use their new skills when interacting in a casual setting.

The specific activities in the group will include verbal, non-verbal, and physical games.  Each activity will be explained, and then demonstrated by Dr. Kleinman.  The children will then be given the opportunity to engage in the activity while Dr. Kleinman observes their behaviors.  Then, Dr. Kleinman will give feedback to each child on what specific behaviors (eye contact, lowering the volume of their voice, etc) should be modified. Over the course of the group, the children will be encouraged to begin giving feedback to each other as well as to begin to develop an awareness of themselves so they can begin the process of self-
correction.  During each session, the children will have an unstructured snack break during which they will be encouraged to converse with each other in an appropriate manner without direct teaching or feedback from Dr. Kleinman.

Fee Schedule:

A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required during the initial individual meeting. Payment in full (less the deposit) is due at the first session.  Check or cash are required as payment.  Fees are on a sliding-scale based on total household income with a total maximum fee of $800 for the eight sessions.  

Download the Social Skills Training Registration Form