Jamie Kleinman, Ph.D.

Social Skills Training and Autism Specialist


This is the virtual home for Jamie Kleinman, PhD.

I currently provide social skills training for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

I first began working with people who have ASD while completing my undergraduate degree in psychology at Davidson College in Davidson, NC.  During my summers, I worked at Camp Royall, a camp for children and adults with ASD located in Pittsboro, NC, and sponsored by the Autism Society of North Carolina and Division TEACCH.  After spending one year as a camp counselor, I returned for two more summers as an assistant director in charge of planning indoor activities.  In that role I maintained daily craft, educational, and indoor recreational activities for each camper, individually tailoring their activities to their functioning level and current educational/occupational goals.  During the school year I worked in the home of a family with a child with an ASD proving academic and recreational tutoring in conjunction with Division TEACCH.  I also completed an undergraduate thesis that was presented at a regional conference and published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

After completing my degree, I worked at the Linden Bridge school, a K-12 school in Surrey, England for children with ASD and other developmental disorders.  I worked as a classroom assistant for a group of 14-year old adolescents.  My roles at the school were to provide academic supports to the children in the classroom in accordance with their individual plans.  I also lived with an American family whose child attended the school.  

I returned to the US and began a predoctoral position at the Yale Child Study Center.  I worked under the direction of Robert Schultz, PhD, a research associate and clinical neuropsychologist who conducted fMRI research with Ami Klin, PhD and Fred Volkmar MD.  While at Yale, I had numerous responsibilities including managing a federally funded research project investigating face processing in individuals with ASD, creating and implementing an MRI desensitization procedure, and participating in all aspects of the research procedure from grant writing to manuscript publication.  I attended international conferences and was able to interface with some of the leading researchers of ASD.

From Yale, I accepted a position in the clinical psychology graduate program at the University of Connecticut under the direction of Deborah Fein, PhD.  During my time at UConn, I worked on a project validating an early screener for ASD called the M-CHAT.  On this project, my responsibilities included providing diagnostic assessments for children screened through the study, creating and maintaining the database used by the researchers, and presenting research findings at local and international conferences.  I also participated in the grant writing process and published both my masters thesis and dissertation in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.  In addition, I worked in the Psychological Services Clinic under the supervision of Marianne Barton, PhD, providing psychotherapy, assessments, and leading social skills groups.  I also completed an externship with a practice of pediatric neuropsychologists Isenberg, Javornisky, and Albert.

I completed my doctoral training with an internship at the Institute of Living, the psychiatric portion of Hartford Hospital.  My responsibilities included a rotation in pediatric psychology at the Children’s Clinical Medical Center under the supervision of Barbara Rzepski, PhD, Ann Milanese, MD, Lisa Namerow, MD, and Lynn Mangini, MD, a rotation on the child and adolescent psychiatric inpatient unit under the supervision of Laura Saunders, PsyD, and a rotation conducting psychological assessments of children and adolescents under the supervision of Allen Carter, PhD.

I live with my family in the Greater Hartford area and maintain personal and professional relationships with all of my former training sites.  I am committed to bettering the lives of families in Connecticut who have children with an autism spectrum disorder through my efforts in research and training.

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